I do many different types of mending, such as: visible mending, (close to) invisible mending, patching, darning (including hand-knit items), de-logoing*, re-sewing seams, and turning a collar. Sometimes I'll use multiple techniques in the same project.

If you want me to mend something for you:

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More about my mending

Sometimes, I’ll do visible mending, using contrasting fabric or thread to proudly display the mend. Other times, I’ll do close to invisible mending, so that the garment looks like new. It all depends on your preferences and on what’s appropriate given the specifics of your garment. The type of fabric, the amount of wear and tear the garment has seen, and the location of the holes all impact what sorts of mends are possible.

* De-logoing

Are you annoyed by tote bags and other "swag" with loud logos on them? Do you wish you could get all that advertising/word clutter out of your life?

The answer: a Marga Mends "De-Logo" treatment! I’ll sew a tasteful patch over the offending logo. If you want, I can make the patch functional: by omitting the top line of stitching, a patch becomes a pocket. See below for pictures.

Mending Policies

What you pay

I currently bill my mending services at $16 per hour. See below for details and special cases.

Shipping or drop-off

Local clients may drop off mending at my house. If you don't know my address, I'll let you know after receiving your Mending Request Form.

Clients who live farther away or for whom drop off doesn't work may mail their items to me for FREE. After you fill out my mending request form, I’ll follow up with shipping instructions. I'll email you a pre-paid shipping label (or a code you can use to print out a label at the post office). Or you can just box up your item, go to the post office, send me a receipt, and I'll credit what you paid to your bill.

How long you wait

If your project is straightforward and small, and I don’t have much else on my to-do list, I might be able to turn it around in a couple of days. Usually, however, it takes a week or more. In my initial response to your project request, I’ll try to give you rough time estimate for your particular project.

When you pay

Payment isn’t due until seven days after you receive your mended item. I’ll invoice you, and you can pay that invoice via check or securely online with your credit card (via PayPal, but you don't need a PayPal account).

More details on pricing

  • If I have to purchase new materials for a project, I will add what I paid to your bill.
  • I usually charge only for hours spent actually mending, and not for the “admin” work of coordinating with clients and researching new mending techniques…..but there are some exceptions to this rule.
  • I will likely raise my rate to $20/hour sometime in the next few years.

Wait….what about alterations, zipper replacements, and other stuff?

Alterations/Tailoring.....almost always, "no": In the past, I've done alterations (i.e. tailoring/making your clothes fit better) but my "office" is my house, and it doesn't really lend itself to in-person fittings. Also, I'm frankly better and faster at mending than I am at alterations. If you are looking for tailoring/alterations, I'd recommend seeing if your local dry cleaner also does tailoring, as many do and they probably will give you a better price than me.

Zipper replacements.....often "yes", sometimes "no": I'm often happy to do a zipper replacement, but sometimes (such as in down jackets) it can be very time consuming (2-5+ hours), and therefore the bill can get pretty expensive. So, be forewarned.

Other projects...."it depends": Every year, I do get a few requests for projects (such as upholstery) that I simply don’t have the skill, equipment, or space to do. I appreciate all the requests I get, and please do err on the side of asking me to do a project rather than not asking....I am trying to run a business, after all :) .....but I will say "no" to projects that are outside my wheelhouse (and "yes" to those that are in my wheelhouse!).

Very visible hand-knit patches

Almost invisible mending of knit sweater sleeve