Mending a striped sweater by hand

What I did:


My husband's sweater had MANY small to medium holes, which would only get bigger over time if they weren't mended.

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Before: front

Before: back

Before: holes on the front side of one of the sleeves

Before: closeup of holes at one side of the front chest

Before: closeup of holes at the other side of the front chest

Before: closeup of holes on the back of one sleeve


I used a sewing needle and thread to mend all of the holes. For the holes in the black part, I used a thick black thread that I had inherited from my grandmother's sewing stash. I didn't have matching olive thread for the olive part of the sweater, so I threaded the needle with one strand of deep green thread and one strand of brown thread, both medium weight, and both also from my grandmother's stash. Combined, and with small stitches, the colors in these two threads blended together, close enough to olive so as to look almost invisible.

After: front

After: back

After: mended sleeve, front

After: closeup of one of the olive stripes on the front, mended

After: one of the sleeves, mended, back

After: closeup of back of sleeve, mended