Taking in the waist/hip of green jeans

What I did:

Before 1

The client who had me take in the waist of her red jeans had bought a second pair of jeans, pale green with a raised flower design, at the thrift store. These jeans were even larger on her than the red jeans.

Before 1: my client tried on the jeans and I pinned the jeans in the back so that they fit.

Before 1: I measured how much we had pinned — almost 2 inches.

After 1

After 1: I divided the amount to take in by two, and took in that amount just outside the back pockets, for two side-back darts. The jeans would now stay up on my client at her natural waist, but the crotch was loose as the rise was too long.

Before 2

My client suggested that we make the waist even smaller, so that the pants would sit above the natural waist. This fit would make use of the very long rise and prevent the droopy crotch problem.

Before 2: My client tried on the jeans again, and I pinned them at the back again, but this time we made sure that the pants were pulled up as high as necessary.

Before 2: I was going to have to take in about an inch more.

After 2:

It worked! I took the excess fabric in on the back center seam. I had to take off the center belt loop, then sew the seam an inch further in at the waist and taper it down to nothing, then sew the belt loop back on.

After 2: The jeans look essentially the same as the "After 1" photo, because I moved the center seam in rather than adding more darts. But, if you compare this picture to the "After 1" photo, you'll see that the pockets are closer together, and that the jeans are narrower, especially at the waist.

After 2: here's what the narrowing looks like in the overall context of the jean.