Replacing the zipper on a winter jacket

What I did:


The zipper of my client's winter jacket was broken. It would sometimes zip up, but the teeth would often fall apart. At first, I tried fixing it by squeezing the zipper pull with pliers. That seemed to help a bit — the zipper successfully zipped up and down several times — but the zipper still failed to zip with enough frequency that I realized I had to go ahead and replace it.

Before: the zipper would zip up partway, but then the zipper teeth would separate.

Before: closeup of the jacket's broken zipper


I replaced the zipper, which was successful but initially challenging because of all of the many layers involved — main fabric, primaloft insulation, lining, pockets, and the little tab covering the zipper at the top.

After: jacket with new zipper, zipped up.

After: jacket with zipper unzipped

After: closeup with jacket zipped up

After: closeup of the new zipper, unzipped, with the little tab of fabric covering it at the top

After: partially unzipped zipper, with jacket held open to show the lining

After: another view of the new zipper in the jacket, partially unzipped to show how the zipper fits neatly in among all the layers.