Hand darning a child’s dress

What I did:


My clients’ daughter had received a hand-me-down dress from her several years older second cousins. It had one inch-long rip and a few smaller holes.

Before: the one-inch rip is just barely visible in this photo: it's in the middle of the skirt part of the dress, mid-way between the two top yellow horizontal stripes.

Before: closeup of the biggest rip

Before: someone had previously darned some older holes. An example is the yellow/navy darn on the right. On the left, there is a small hole in the orange part of the fabric


I used close to matching threads to hand darn all of the holes that hadn't already been darned.

After: the biggest hole, darned in green and orange

After: the orange hole on the left is one of my new darns; the yellow/navy darn on the right is one of the previous darns

After: a green darn

After: an orange darn

After: zoomed out, the darns blend in fairly well.