Visible patching / darning on a blanket

What I did:

Before: my clients' soft cashmere blanket had a rip that was several feet long.

After: here's a closeup view of my mend. I patched the blanket with an old gray cashmere scarf. Then, to further reinforce the mend and add some color, I did visible darning with variegated orange embroidery thread.

Before: here's the scarf that I used as patch material. Like the blanket, the fabric was torn and worn in places, hence the need to do additional darning to prevent further raveling. I normally try not to use worn fabric as patches, because I want my patches to last as long as possible. In this case, however, the clients wanted a very visible mend, so using a worn patch and then darning it was a way to make the mend more visible.

After: Actually, though, the mend I did was really a hybrid between visible and less visible. One side of the blanket had the gray patch with orange darning. The other side, pictured here, had just thin lines of navy machine stitching.

Before: here's a more zoomed out "before shot" of the blanket.

After: and here's a more zoomed out "after" view of the visibly mended side of the blanket.