Puffy/Large scrunchies (made Aug-Nov 2022)

What I did:

Above are more pictures of my Aug - Nov 2022 large/puffy* batch of scrunchies. While supplies last, these are all available for sale in my Bonanza booth.

*scroll down for more info on what "large/puffy" means for scrunchies, AND for more pictures of this batch!

Here's a writeup of how I make scrunchies (including a link to the FREE pattern I use and info on where you can purchase biodegradable hair elastics for making scrunchies (or just wearing.))

Above are pictures of some of my "large" scrunchies. "Large" scrunchies hold the same amount of hair as my "medium" scrunchies. The difference is that large scrunchies are a bit more "puffy" than the medium. Here's more information on fit and style:


My hair is thin-to-regular and straight. My scrunchies (both medium and large) fit me well — neither too tight nor too loose — - when I use them for a messy bun with two wraps. If you purchase a scrunchie and find that it fits you differently, I would love to hear from you so that I can expand this description to help more people know whether or not the scrunchie will work for their hair.


Details about my size "large" scrunchies:

his scrunchie is, say, a 7 out of 10 on the "puffy scale." (The "puffy scale" is not a thing. I just made it up.)

Measured flat:

  • the width of the fabric (i.e. distance between the inner and outer edges of the scrunchie) is about 1.75."
  • the diameter of the scrunchie is about 4.75"

To purchase scrunchies, head on over to my Bonanza booth!