Patching my husband's jeans: first pair, second round

What I did:


Early in 2020, I had done a bunch of patching on several pairs of my husband's jeans. The jeans that I wrote about here "Patching my husband's jeans: first pair" now needed additional patches and machine darning. Throughout these "before" pictures, you will see safety pins, which I used to keep track of where I needed to mend. There were lots and lots of places where the denim had frayed or was about to fray and these photos show only a few of them.

Before: frayed coin pocket; the patch over the pocket opening was now coming loose.

Before: fraying at the other front pocket opening

Before: wear below one of the back pockets

Before: somewhat worn fabric throughout the seat of the jeans


After: I sewed a patch over the coin pocket, re-sewed the patch over the main pocket opening, and reinforced part of that patch that was fraying, all the while taking care not to sew any pockets shut.

After: I used machine darning to prevent further fraying at the other front pocket opening.

After: interior patch and machine darning below one of the back pockets

After: I sewed interior patches underneath most of the seat of the jeans. You can see my zig-zag stitching in this picture. Eventually, there will be more fraying at the seat, but at least the patches will prevent skin from showing through.

After: here's what the seat of the jeans (between the pockets) looks like from the inside. Note the contrasting denim patches sewn on with zig-zag stitch. I used zig-zag stitching to prevent the patches themselves from fraying.

After: There was some worn fabric on the front legs of the jeans, between two older external patches. I forgot to take "before" photos of that worn fabric. In this photo, you can see faint zig-zag stitch outlines between the two older exterior patches. That's where, to reinforce that worn fabric, I sewed an interior patch.