Mending a hand woven tote bag

What I did:


One of my Aunts had woven this beautiful little tote bag. I think I've had it more than three quarters of my life. But I hadn't treated it well, and it was stained, worn, and holey in the place that most matters in a bag: the bottom.

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Before: front view of bag with stain and worn fabric on bottom

Before: back view of bag with worn fabric on bottom

Before: view of bottom of bag, with worn and stained fabric


I didn't have any fabric or thread that would match the bag, so instead of sewing a patch on to cover the worn and stained fabric, I hid the worn fabric by re-sewing the bottom of the bag higher up. That did make the bag smaller, and it could hold less stuff, but there is a place in this world for bags (and people, and things in general) of all sizes. Everyone can make a contribution!

After: bottom view of bag, resewn to cover worn and stained fabric

After: top view of bag, filled with an orange, a box of notecards, and a few planners

After: front view of resewn bag