Jeans machine darning, less visible (for my client)

What I did:


My client's jeans had holes and worn fabric in the knee and backside. One of the backside holes had been previously mended with an interior patch and machine darning, but the other side of the backside now had holes and worn fabric.

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Before: backside, with hole on the left and machine darned/interior patched hole on the right.

Before: closeup of backside of jeans

Before: closeup of hole in backside of jeans

Before: my finger is pointing to the very small hole, surrounded by worn fabric, in the knee of the jeans

Before: closeup of small knee hole


For a unified look, I used the same mending technique as the previous mender had used: I patched the jeans with interior patches, and then used my sewing machine to darn over the holes with pale gray thread.

After: back view of jeans' backside, with both sides patched and darned

After: closeup of the backside hole that I patched and darned

After: closeup of machine darning (with interior patch) that fixed the hole/worn fabric in the jeans' knee

After: full front view of the jeans

After: full back view of jeans