Patching my husband’s jeans: third pair, second round

What I did:


Almost a year after my initial patching, my husband had worn additional holes in the jeans.

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Before: my finger is pointing to a new hole that had sprung up in one of the front pockets.

Before: the fabric on the other side of the jeans had also gotten worn above the existing patch (due to my husband making very good use of his pockets).

Before: the side seam by one of the pockets had now burst open, again due to the pockets always being filled. I did some preliminary hand stitching, just to tack it down.


After: I added a second round of patches — this time in a navy blue twill, as I had run out of denim patches.

After: here's the new navy blue patch on the other side.

After: I also patched over the rip in the side seam.