Mending Request Form

Use this form to request that I mend something for you. If you haven’t already done so, please take a quick look at the pictures and policies on my Mend page so you can determine whether or not a) you like my work and b) you are okay with my policies.

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(for example, "jeans with a hole in the knee”)

Do you want more visible or less visible mending?
OPTIONAL: which technique(s)would you like me to use?

Please note: I’ll try to honor your preferences as much as possible, but the techniques I am able to use will depend on lots of variables like fabric type, location of hole, etc.

Unless you request otherwise by checking the “opt out” box, I will add your email address to my mailing list (if you aren’t already on it, that is). Currently I send one email per year, and you can unsubscribe at any time. I won’t share your email address.

Sometimes I post photos of customer projects on my website. I don’t post customer names and try to avoid pictures of anyone’s face. If you’d prefer that your items not be featured, select the box to opt out.

Mailing Address

Mailing address is optional, but helpful if you think you'll want me to email you a pre-paid shipping label. (You'd print out the label at home or at the post office.)