Replacing zipper and mending handle of tote bag

What I did:


My client had inherited this tote bag from her mother. The zipper was broken and the stitching at the handles was coming loose.

Before: it was impossible to close the zipper.

Before: some of the zipper teeth were broken.

Before: front view, showing that handle stitching had fallen apart

Before: closeup of the handle stitching that had come undone


I replaced the zipper with one very similar to the original zipper. I also mended the stitching at the handles, with both machine and hand sewing.

After: bag with replaced zipper and mended handles, top view with zipper closed

After: tote bag with new zipper unzipped, top view

After: closeup, new zipper covered by flap

After: front view of the mended bag

After: the new zipper on bag is zipped up, with the zipper flap pulled back, and mended handles in view.

After: closeup of new zipper, zipped up and with zipper flap pulled back