Visible Machine Darning on Jeans

What I did:


I had initially mended these jeans for my husband a while ago, when I had less experience mending jeans. My earlier mends held, but, as inevitably happens, new holes appeared elsewhere in the jeans.

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Before: a large new hole in the knee

Before: a new hole at the pocket area

Before: worn fabric at the upper side seam


Since my previous round of patches had been visible, I decided it was fine for the next round to be visible as well. I used machine darning in a contrasting color (with reinforcing interior patches) to tack down the holes and frays.

After: interior patch and machine darning at the large knee hole

After: front view of jeans, with lots of machine darning. The blue patches on one of the pockets and the crotch was part of my first round of mending; the machine darning on the other pocket, the sides, and the crotch was part of my second round of mending.

After: closeup of machine darning at the pocket of the jeans