Hemming and narrowing jeans

What I did:


A few years ago, I did a slapdash job of narrowing the legs of pair of my jeans from wide flare to narrow bootcut. I hadn't bothered hemming them. Unless I wore quite high heels (which I almost never do), the hems would drag on the ground in the back, and looked bunchy in the front.

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Before: front

Before: back


It's possible to shorten jeans while keeping the original hem, but I decided not to keep the original hem of these jeans because the fabric was worn and fraying in the back. Instead, I re-hemmed the jeans: I took scissors to the lower legs of the jeans, cut so that the legs were slightly longer than I eventually wanted them to be, folded the fabric under, ironed, and sewed. It was pretty quick.

I also took in the legs a bit more — from narrow bootcut to something between bootcut and skinny.

After: front

After: back

After: side

After: side view, zoomed out