Custom Upcycled Project Request Form

Use this form to request that I make a custom upcycled scrunchie for you. If you haven’t already done so, please get acquainted with the style of scrunchies I make by viewing the pictures on my Make page, in my gallery and/or the scrunchies available at my Bonanza booth.

Currently, scrunchies are my only custom upcycled offerings. In *some* cases, I may be willing to make other types of custom upcycled items, such as simple bags or aprons. If you want something other than a scrunchie, select the "other" option below and give me details, but please know that I am unlikely to take on anything that's complicated, time consuming, or requires a fitting.

Turnaround time for custom projects is usually one to two weeks, but may be longer.

What type of custom clothing / accessory do you want me to make for you?

Specifically: Do you already have the fabric you want me to use for your scrunchie (or other custom project)? Or, would you like me to find or buy some fabric for you? Either way, please describe the color and fiber type of the fabric you have/want, and whether it is/should be knit or woven, solid or printed, etc.

Scrunchie style:

Skip this question if your requested custom project is something other than a scrunchie. All of the scrunchies I make fit with two wraps around a messy bun in an adult with fine to medium hair. I make two different styles: "medium" is less poofy, and "large" is more poofy. Visit my Bonanza booth for pictures of each size.  

Mailing Address (Optional)

Mailing address is optional, but can be helpful if you need me to email you a prepaid shipping label so that you can mail fabric to me.