My mom taught me to hand sew sometime between age three and six, to knit at seven, and to use a sewing machine at 13.

For more than half my life, I’ve mended, altered, and made some of my own clothes. They aren’t always perfect, but with every project, I learn something new. In 2020, I launched Marga Mends and started to sew for outside clients. My goal is to reduce clothing consumption and waste by fixing existing clothes and, when new clothes are needed, to make them out of left-over or sustainably produced fabric.

To see projects I’ve completed, visit my gallery. If you want me to mend something for you, learn more at my Mend page, and then fill out my Mending Request Form. You can learn more about current upcycled items I am making on my Make page and in the Gallery. Visit my Bonanza Booth to view or purchase what I have for sale at any given time. If you have a vision for a particular upcycled project you want custom made just for you, fill out my Custom Upcycled Project Request Form. To receive infrequent updates, join my mailing list.